Center for Security Studies (ΚΕ.ΜΕ.Α.)
Project coordinator

The Centre for Security Studies (KEMEA) is a scientific, consulting and research entity aiming at conducting theoretical & applied research and providing consultancy services on security policy issues at national and international level. It was established by law in 2005 and constitutes the Greek Ministry’s of Citizen Protection “think-tank” on homeland security & anti-crime policies. KEMEA is a founding member of the European Organization for Security (EOS), and has been appointed as the National Contact Point for the protection of European Critical Infrastructures (2008/114/EC). KEMEA participates in the implementation of more than 60 research projects financed by the FP7, HORIZON 2020, DG Migration & Home Affairs, DG Justice and Consumers and the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF).

Hellenic Agency for Local Development and Local Government

The Hellenic Agency for Local Development and Local Government (E.E.T.A.A.) S.A, has been the institutionalized operational partner of the Hellenic Government and Local Authorities. E.E.T.A.A.’s mission is the reinforcement of Local Government in various fields of expertise. EETAA has been the operational and implementation mechanism of both the 1997 “KAPODISTRIAS” and 2010 “KALLIKRATIS” local government crucial administrative reforms. EETAA during recent years (2013-2015) has been involved in the creation of social structures for providing support services for Roma population, a national wide project named «Centres for the support of Roma and vulnerable groups» and was delivered in the context of the O.P. Human Resources Development / NSRF 2007 – 2013″.

The Association of Greek Roma Mediators

The Association of Greek Roma mediators is a national organization representing Roma mediators in Greece.

C.M.T. Prooptiki

CMT Prooptiki works with the public & third sector to build capacities; to develop capabilities for job creation, business growth and promotion of social entrepreneurship; and to promote equal opportunities, social solidarity and active citizenship in cooperation with civil society organizations.

The Municipality of Agia Varvara

The Municipality of Agia Varvara in Greece is a suburb in the Attica region. Approximately 22% of the Municipality’s total population are members of Roma communities. The Municipality of Agia Varvara, can be approached as a good / best practice in terms of Roma integration, civic engagement and political participation.